Our Products

  • O-DGuideLire la suite de «O-DGuide»

    , par DnC

    Create audio guides for your visitors’ smartphones.
    With speech synthesis, quickly create a quality utterance, editable at any time and at no cost !
    Because updating your audio guide is easy and immediate, because you do not have any equipment to acquire and maintain, O-DGuide is a lasting (...)

  • zQR-CodesLire la suite de «zQR-Codes»

    , par DnC

    Create your QR-Codes and manage targets : at any time, change the destination address with one click to direct the visitor to a web page that is always the most relevant and up to date.
    Record complex URLs while producing a low density, flashable QR-Code from afar.
    The applications are (...)

  • Monitoring by DnCLire la suite de «Monitoring by DnC»

    , par DnC

    Monitoring by DnC is a monitoring system based on Ossec, to ensure :
    – monitoring the operation of systems and applications,
    – configuration control,
    – host intrusion detection (HIDS).
    Monitoring by DnC also offers an interface to PRTG extending the functionality of this monitoring system to (...)