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This DnC SaaS website is the service platform from which you can choose a service offer (a Full-Web Application from DnC), subscribe to it and manage your account as a client of DnC SaaS. The use of the application is then carried out on the website specific to this application.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) formula is particularly advantageous for small or medium-sized companies who do not wish to manage complex applications on their own infrastructure.

Using an application as a service means benefiting from a managed IT infrastructure, sharing the cost of development, and having an application kept up to date by those who designed it.

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Description of our service offers and subscription :

iQR-CodesRead more of «iQR-Codes»

, by DnC

Create your QR-Codes and manage targets: at any time, change the destination address with one click to direct the visitor to a web page that is always the most relevant and up to date.
Record complex URLs while producing a low density, flashable QR-Code from afar.
The applications are (...)

Monitoring by DnCRead more of «Monitoring by DnC»

, by DnC

Monitoring by DnC is a monitoring system based on Ossec, to ensure:
– monitoring the operation of systems and applications,
– configuration control,
– host intrusion detection (HIDS).
Monitoring by DnC also offers an interface to PRTG extending the functionality of this monitoring system to (...)