Presentation of our SaaS service

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This DnC SaaS site is the service platform from which a public user can choose a service offer (a DnC Web Application), subscribe to it and manage their account as a DnC SaaS subscriber.

The use of the application is then carried out on the website specific to this application.

What is DnC SaaS ?

DnC SaaS is a subscription platform for Web applications (SaaS, Software as a service).

With DnC SaaS, as a public user, you can :
 inform you about the applications distributed by DnC in SaaS mode,
 open an account and subscribe to the applications,
 manage your account and your subscriptions.

Note that DnC SaaS is also a single login system (Single Sign On or SSO) : when you are connected to an application, you will also be connected to the other DnC SaaS applications to which you are subscribed. This functionality is based on the OIDC server developed by DnC, thus ensuring independent authentication.

The SaaS formula

The SaaS (Software as a Service) formula is particularly advantageous for small or medium-sized businesses who do not wish to manage complex applications on their own infrastructure.

Using an application as a service means benefiting from a managed IT infrastructure, sharing the development cost, and having an application kept up to date by those who designed it.

DnC SaaS for application providers

We would be happy to assist SMEs to enable them to develop their own SaaS system and adapt their web applications.
Our positioning of advice and assistance would allow the independent development of expensive external providers. And risky third-party systems in terms of security : why feed big-data for the benefit of your competitors ?

Contact DnC to obtain your own SaaS system.