GDPR, Terms of Sales

Note : in case of dispute, the French version of this page prevails.


The development of DNC SaaS and the applications made available on this site entered the Beta phase in June 2020. According to the principles of Lean Startup, it is offered to our customers to participate in testing. We thank them very much for the invaluable support they will give us as well.

Disclaimer of warranty

All use is made at the user’s own risk. DnC does not offer any guarantee and denies any responsibility for any damage whatsoever resulting from the use of DnC SaaS, the applications made available on this site or the documentation.
The documentation has no contractual value. Although we strive for the utmost accuracy, the documentation, specifications and operation may not be mutually in conformity and may vary without it constituting a breach of our obligations.

DnC is under no obligation to maintain service under any circumstances or indefinitely. DnC reserves the right to make changes to the design or technical operation of the site and applications.

No indemnity or repair can be due by DnC to users or to third parties whatever the cause.

User engagement

The user agrees to make good use of the application, to comply with the netiquette and the Law. The publisher reserves the right to prohibit access by a user who he considers not to respect the proper use of the Internet or to block any device making improper connections or abusing the application. In these circumstances, the publisher may delete the account, the subscriptions being then lost. This without warning or justification and without compensation of any kind. The same effects can result from the action of automatic protective devices.


The whole of this site, including the applications made available on this site, is subject to French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved, including for downloadable documents and iconographic and photographic representations.

The publisher claims the copyright on all texts and software on this site.

Publisher information

 Site editor : DnC SARL Degoy net Consultants - 76, avenue du Général Leclerc - 92340 - Bourg la Reine - tel : 07 86 82 24 90

 Hosting implemented by DnC SARL on a private server located in France rented to OVH SAS, 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.

 Responsible for writing : The site editor.


Purpose and scope of the processing of personal data

DnC only uses personal data for the sole purpose of authenticating the end user on this site and on applications distributed in SaaS mode through this site.

This site records the personal data provided by the user when registering. In addition to the site’s webmaster, this information is visible in the "My account" section by their sole owner after they have identified themselves. The end user can access his/her personal data at any time and rectify or even delete it, which will de facto cause the account to be deleted. No other personal information about the end user is collected or stored by the application.

The password is kept as a hash and therefore cannot be reused in the event of file compromise.

In addition to the data mentioned above, the server maintains an access log including the IP address of the connection of the end user as well as information relating to his browser, this being in accordance with legal requirements and the rules of art.

It should be noted that no personal data is manipulated outside of this site (in particular by applications) due to the delegation of authentication made by applications to the OIDC server integrated with DnC SaaS.

Data retention

Data is stored at the server mentioned above. They are saved on this server as well as on another storage means at the same host, responsible for the application of the GDPR at its level. The backups are also copied and kept on a DnC site. The data are kept for the periods defined by law.


DnC is committed to protecting the confidentiality of all your data. DnC does not accumulate or cross any data and does not communicate any information to third parties, either personal data or data collected by applications.


We want to place cookies with a limited lifespan on your computer. These cookies do not allow us to identify you ; they do not record any personal information or relating to the navigation of your computer on our site, but simply data making it possible to manage the continuity of navigation on the site (PHP, SPIP, OIDC sessions). Note that this type of cookie does not require your prior consent, as they are not "tracking cookie". We inform you that it is your responsibility to oppose the registration of cookies by configuring your browser. However, this will cause malfunctions.

Terms of Sales

The foregoing legal notices are an integral part of the Terms of Sales.

End User Good Practices

Users agree to use this site and the applications made available by applying best practices and observing the laws.
They certify that their material and knowledge are suitable for the effective use of this site and the applications.
In the event of an intrusion attempt, misuse of application usage, abuse or behavior manifestly not in compliance with laws, good IT practices or the netiquette, DnC reserves the right to suspend the service and / or block the access of the users concerned.
DnC reserves the right to block, without warning or produce justification, criminal connections manually or automatically (firewall).

User information on the product, withdrawal

Users have the option of subscribing to a minimum package for 1 Euro. These formulas are fully functional and differ only in their limited configuration and their minimum subscription duration. The user thus has, in addition to the documentation provided on this site and on the application site, the possibility of knowing the application well and of measuring its adaptation to his needs before subscribing a more extensive subscription.
When paying for a subscription other than the minimum formula, the end user therefore recognizes that he is fully aware of the product and accepts its immediate entry into service (subject to the effective completion of the bank transaction) without the possibility of withdrawal. nor, a fortiori, reimbursement of the subscription.


Payments are made trough means secured by the provider (PayPal, Stripe etc.) on their own sites outside the scope of DnC which cannot therefore be held responsible. In the event of fraudulent use of the bank card, You are invited, as soon as this use is observed, to contact the service provider. DnC will help you in your approach by providing you with all information on the transaction in its possession.
The deflection of payment results in the non-activation of the subscription. As an exception to the contract, the user will be free to abandon the order.


Subscriptions are not renewed automatically, but only on user action : there is no recurring payment record initialized by DnC.

Residual value in case of formula change

An application can be the target of several subscription offers, for example different by their duration or their options. In the event of multiple and simultaneous subscriptions to the same application, the system endeavors to combine them, for example by extending the period of validity or by adding the limit values. However, no guarantee can be given as to the exhaustiveness of this combination, a residual value possibly being lost ; in this case, no refund will be made.

Refund in case of malfunction

Reimbursement can be granted to the end user if he/she provides proof of a malfunction not reported by the documentation, substantially affecting a main function, not bypassed, manifest, repetitive or reproducible, newly found and lasting. It excludes malfunctions resulting from the action or failure of a third party, the malfunction of technical means external to DnC or the means and action of the end user.

Whatever the reason, reimbursement can only occur after exchange of information between the end user identified by the subscription and DnC, and acceptance of the file by DnC. DnC’s responsibility and reimbursement cannot exceed the residual value of the current subscription for this application.
Refunds can only be made by feedback on the means of payment used to pay for this subscription.


The final validation of the order will be worth proof of the entirety of said order in accordance with article 1316 - 1 of the Civil Code and shall be deemed to be due for are engaged by the seizure of the Products appearing on the order form.
This validation is worth signature and express acceptance of all the operations carried out
on the website.
The computerized registers, kept in the computer systems of DnC and its service providers under reasonable security conditions, will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments made between You and DnC.
Archiving of purchase orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable computer medium so as to correspond to a faithful and durable copy in accordance with article 1348 of the Civil Code.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The General Conditions are subject to French law. In the event that a provision of these General Conditions is contrary to French law, the latter would be applied to Your simple request.
The competent court in the event of litigation will be that of the head office of DnC.
The Website complies with French law. In no case does DnC give any guarantee of compliance with the local legislation which would apply to you, as soon as You access the Website from other countries.